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Better Better Nerves….

imagesOne of the biggest challenges we do have as musicians is the live factor.
I remember situations on stage where I was literally shaking in my boots with a beautiful teeth tremolo ;o)

Of course there are “unicorns”, people who are born to perform in front of an audience. Who just love it being starred at.
But I have to admit, I am totally not one of them.


I was very fascinated by this book I read about circus artists. The tightrope walker risks her live every evening. It is a life-death situation, day after day.
The interviewer asked her, what gives her the guts to go up there and walk every day this dangerous line.>>

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When I was a kid, I hated music.

quote 33I liked to sing and to dance and move around – but this serious music stuff with music books and sitting straight and doing things properly and repeatedly, no, not for me.
This was boring.
I was just not interested in that.

I am sure you have kids in your class that are just like I was.
Nice kids – but not interested.
How can you make them getting hooked and spark interest in them?

As you can see, even for the most uninterested kid in the world (me!!) there is hope, for today I am a professional musician.

Every kid, every student, in fact every person you come in contact with has so much passion! And you can connect with this fire and help it grow.

So how does this work?


The answer may surprise you: show how much you care.>>