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Where The Magic Comes From

magic musicWhen you are anything like me you have a pile, a shelf or a living room full of music books at home. These books are a treasure!

They bring the music, the spark, the shiny world of art and inspiration into your life.
They bring all the magic.
Well… wait a minute! – Do they? Really??

Let’s take a closer look.

Nice books, maybe with some scratches here and there.
Beautiful cream coloured pages with black little dots and lines.
Lovely to look at.
And fancy!
Your not music making friends will see these books as a clear sign that you are a genius.

Now, where is the music here?
Where is the magic contained?
When you go through the pages, where is the inspiration hidden?

On closer inspection you will find something remarkable.
What you are looking at here really is nothing but paper and ink.

Books made by machines.
No magic at all.
Very mundane, unspectacular, very boring in fact.

Yet, when music is played, there is clearly some magic involved.
Where can that be?

The magic is YOU.
You make this paper and print alive.

You make it real art, you make the magic to happen.
You enrich the world with beautiful sound and inspiration.
The magic is what you do with the printed dots and lines.


Please, never forget that and praise yourself for being that magical.
How great is that? :o)


Much love,


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