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Jewelry of the Heart

Happiness seems to be like a wild animal. We look for it in the jungle of life, the journey is quite an adventure, we come to see strange and unexpected places.
But as soon as we try to catch it, it likely escapes.

Happiness is a common denominator in our lives. We all like it’s presence, it gives us meaning and strength. Still, happiness looks different to everyone, it is subjective.




Berry Hopkins told the story where 50 people came to a seminar. At the door everyone got a balloon and had to write their name on it. Then all the balloons were collected and brought to another room.

The lecturer advised them to enter the room and find the balloon with their name on it. What followed was chaos. People were running around, bumping into each other, trying to catch the right balloon. After 5 minutes just a few people held the right balloon in their hands.

The lecturer now said: “Now do it the right way. Take the balloon next to where you stand right now. Grab it and bring it to the person whos name is on it.”
After 2 minutes everyone had their balloon.


Helping others get what they want makes two people happy.
I think we are made to enjoy each others company and help others advance in their own beautiful way. The starting point is always where we stand today, right here, right now.

Happiness is something we tend to put off into the future. To some-day-island. Some day we will be happy. But first we do need … (the prestigious job, six grand children, a million on the bank account, ect.) and THEN happiness will come.

Wild animals don’t seem to like this sort of plans.
I have a feeling they shy away not only from cages but also from boxed ideas.
Happiness starts today if you decide to be happy. I suspect, your decision will have a taming effect.


You think there is nothing to be happy about today, right now?
You think there is nothing you can smile about?

Start by handing others their balloons. Help one person with nothing in return.
And keep an open eye when it starts rustling in the bushes. Then you know the taming had already begun…

All the best to you,
much love,