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Two Days

Robert J. Burdette stated, that in every week there are two days we should not worry about. Two days off our plate, two days less burden.
It’s not weekend.

The first day is Yesterday.
This is a day where stuff happened, where we used wrong words, where we did something less than perfect. Yesterday is the day, where we can think over and over what we should have done so much better! But still, it stays the same.
Yesterday is over.
Gone for ever, never to return. No amount of money will ever bring it back.


Reading this I thought to myself: How often did I think about something in the past over and over again? How often in one day do I in my head live in memories?
It happens quite often. And when we get real attentive, we notice a considerable time in the day, where we are absent. Lost in Yesterday.

It is truly a waste of time and mental bandwidth for Yesterday is over.
Reflecting consciously on what happened and learning from it is healthy.
But then it’s time to move on. Going to the past over and over is unnecessary – and sometimes it truly steals our lifeforce.


The second day in the week Burdette talks about, you guessed it, is Tomorrow.
We all tend to have large expectations and at the same time fears of what might happen or that we fail. We could end up performing poorly and not hitting the mark of what is expected from us. So we fear tomorrow for so much could go wrong once it arrives.

Artists and musicians are in that group that can relate the most I think.
We all want to really take people on a journey with our art, enchant and inspire them.
We want to fulfill expectations and even surpass them.
And sometimes we do just that. Other times we struggle with personal things, with health or with other people or negative circumstances.


Thinking of Tomorrow makes very vulnerable.
A person who does that excessively could muster up so much fear that they don’t even want to leave the house.

So worrying about tomorrow truly is not an option.
It steals focus and energy that can be used for good.

This leaves only one day of the week to keep our focus on. It is Today.
Anyone can fight the battles of just one day. It is only when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternities – Yesterday and Tomorrow – that we break down.
Burdette sais:“It is not the experience of Today that drives men mad. It is remorse or bitterness for something that happened Yesterday and the dread of what will happen Tomorrow.”

What a wise advice! Let’s take it to heart!
All the best and so much love to you,


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