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Small But Powerful

The idea of a soccer game for all beings with legs came up in the jungle. So orchids were not allowed! But animals of all sizes and insects were invited to form two large teams and bring their best players. They would be sorted by size.
The first team was the big animals team: tigers, gorillas and elephants.
The second team was formed by the small brigade: chinchillas, frogs and insects.

The game began and everybody gave their best. After the first half the score was 10:0 for the big animals. When suddenly a strange phenomenon occurred.
The lion started laughing and jumped down on the grass. Followed by a chuckling gorilla and then a snickering elephant.
They all laughed so hard that they could not get a hold on the ball any more.

Now the small team caught up and achieved one goal after the other. They fabulously won with 10:14.
What had happened?
Looking at the pile of big animals lying on the grass, a centipede got visible.

“Was it you who tackled the strong animals?”
“Yes, I did it! I crawled all over them and my hundred legs tickled them so much that they could not stop laughing.”
The frog asked: “Hey dude, where the hell have you been in the first half?”
“I was tying my soccer shoes!”


Despite our smallness, but with the right preparation and at the right time, we are able to accomplish astounding things. That’s the recipe for a powerful life.


When I look into todays world I see two rampant hindering tendencies that drive people away from this healthy mindset:

1 – Our times invite us to think: It’s all about pushing buttons on touchscreens. The AI then knows what I want and will bring it to me. I can order everything online or “from the Universe”.

This is what Amazon teaches us. Someone will guess what I truly whish for and will bring it to me.
It’s the old genie in the bottle principle or the tooth fairy at work.
It’s a dead end. The miraculous AI, the genie and the tooth fairy, they are not YOU.
Life is about YOU doing things yourself.


2 – Our times invite us to think: I am too small. I can not do anything. I am powerless. One person alone could never do something important. I better wait and do nothing.
This is pure passivity. We want to stay in a larva state all our life.
A dead end, too for life is about you DOING things yourself. Not sitting around.

The centipede can win against the gorilla, the lion plus the elephant in soccer.
So can you!
Just do what only you can do and tie your shoes in time.

Much love,