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The Obstacle Bassoon Concertino

In the low range and for true heroes. HERE it comes.
This little Concerto was comissioned by the Stadtstreicher Orchester Wien and quite a challenge to write.

It has been composed for
– a motivated soloist and
– very passionate string players,
– all age 8-12.
Basically… beginners.
But very passionate!

Further obstacles on the way:
– Everyone wants to play melody.
For practicing accompaniment is boring! Who in the world would do that??
– As few rests as possible.
Rests are problematic. Lots of passion creates not much patience to wait.
Or even to count!?
– String instrument beginners are amaaaazing. In the 1st position.
And probably in 3rd.
– Open strings are fantastic! Flats are the enemy.
They require strange hand positions (low 1st finger!?).
– The soloist was a beginner as well. Very passionate!
But with slightly clumsy fingers. Fast notes… caused a node in his brain and hands.
– And last not least: The soloist LOVES Hummel Concerto.
It should sound a little bit like it.
And now with all of this, let’s relax and happily compose what I would call
a complete “work-around-Concertino”.
Good luck with that!?
I really did try my very best and turned Hummel into Grummel (=grumble),
made some sketches without flats, with many open strings, few rests, with melody for everyone and no low 1st finger – and the whole shindig in super easy without scary quick notes.
But WITH lots of opportunity to bluntly show passion!
I was quite nervous if what I was writing was any good.
It turned out people loved it, the benevolent audience, the motivated soloist and the very passionate string players as well.
After we did the premiere I felt a little like a zoo animal. Cameras from everywhere on me.
Even on the metro they asked if I would pose beside a little passionate string player…
Hope you like this thing, too.
The piano reduction will be in print next week, we will start shipping them shortly.
Many thanks and so much love,



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