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Gilbert Hirtz

Education: students are the greatest teachers!

Passions: being curious of everything | traveling to Greenland, Usbekistan, Oman, Lesotho | mountain climbing on Kilimanjaro, Großglockner, Alpamayo chico, Kang Yatze | assisting in the unfolding of my students full potential

Always searching for: new insights about teaching | bassoons that can be adapted to students hand and body sizes | inspirating through books | recreation in nature

long & boring version:

After operating with cool refrigerating machines and air conditioning grills, Gilbert Hirtz picked up his bassoon and studied music to be a warmhearted teacher. As a real all-rounder he likewise feels at home with the oboe, saxophone, clarinet and flute.

He is not a person of many words. So he let his students talk for him (who usually win the first prices in nationwide competitions) and the music he composes and arranges. Internationally he is best know for the only available method for the tenor clef “The Key to Tenor Clef”. Not many words in it, but lots of music…