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Knowledge Is Power? Really…?

There is this story of a large shipping company. Their most important ship stopped working, the engine could not be turned on.

The company gathered all the technical experts to fix the engine but nothing seemed to work. The technicians could not repair the engine.
Finally they brought in an old man who was no expert, not even an engineer. But he had a small repair shop in town where he fixed anything from a broken egg timer to trucks.

He looked at the ship’s engine, turned one little wheel and then successfully started it. He had fixed the engine in 2 minutes.

After that the guy sent the company an invoice that stated: 10.000 dollars.
The secretary choked, called the man and said:
“Excuse me Sir, there seems to be an error on the invoice.”
The old man responded: “Oh no Madam, that’s not an error. Turning the wheel was 2 dollars and the knowledge which one to turn was 9.998 Dollars.”


I love this story because it shows us clearly who the REAL experts in this world are.

They are NOT the people with long chains of letters before or after their name.
They are NOT the people wearing badges of honor.
They are NOT the people who endured a decade of so called “higher education” in a brainwash institution.
They are NOT the people who call themselves experts, who know the right people or repeat and repeat and repeat without thinking what others have told them.


The true experts are people who do.
They know the few basics that are crucial in their field.
And they dedicatedly apply them day in and day out.

True experts focus on what’s important.
They don’t get lost in a flood of details that don’t count.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the right basics and gaining practical experience in applying them.

My field is art and people. The basics here are: to have good taste and to truly care.
I try to live by these basics every day. To find out about beauty and to show my heart.


Where in your life are you “the guy that knows what wheel to turn”?
What field is this?
And what are the basics that count?

Knowledge is power? Maybe not.
Maybe it should read: Experienced application of knowledge is power.
What do you think?


With so much love,



p.s. We have been asked for an interview by Fou de basson, the famous French magazine. What an honor! It’s coming in September, so look forward to that :o)


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