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Good people fail

There is this paradox: we strive for perfection but we only get there through failing.
In other words, we will never get even close to where we want to be because we tend to shy away from the necessary stairsteps in the right direction.

When we teach others that mistakes are bad, we obstruct their progress.
The person who avoids to be wrong will never learn anything.

Someone sent me an article about proper leadership. This article was designed for CEOs in expensive suits I guess. But at the end, leadership is what we all need if we want to lead someone, whether a child, a student, a marriage, a friendship, a company or a good life.


It gave some pragmatic and specific behavioral tips. I quite liked them!
Here is what good leaders do:

1. Speak her/his mind constructively.
2. Make changes when needed.
3. Listen between the lines and implement others’ solid ideas.
4. Leave her/his ego at the door.
5. Fail.
6. Disconnect. Go “off the grid” on occasion.
7. Admit weakness, show humility, and develop personal improvement strategies.
8. Lose negative, irrelevant noise to achieve positive results.
9. Address and resolve conflict.
10. Be kind.


What’s the one you show mastery in?
What’s the one you love to implement?
What’s the one that scares you?

My personal favorite is 6. the off-the-grid one!
I am really good at ignoring my phone ;o)

Have a wonderful spring,
much love,


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