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The Key to Excellence

pic tigerI recently read about the maybe most famous golfer of all times: Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods’ sandplay is average, but his long drives are legendary.

What does he practice most? Where is his main focus in his training segments?
Does he concentrate on his “ok” sandplay or does he put the main training time into his already outstanding long drives?

What does it take to bring whatever skill from average to great?
Is it improving areas where you kind of suck or is it putting all your energy into an area where you are already good at?

Tiger Woods trains mainly long drives. They are what Tiger Woods makes Tiger Woods.
I guess he is aware of his strengths and puts all he has into them. He tries to be even better than legendary.
And he is making 80 Mio $ a year.
– He is obviously doing something right here :oD

In sports as well as in arts, nobody has to be world class at everything.
We do not have to be fantastic in all aspects of our craft.

Leveraging our strengths does not mean “ignoring our weaknesses”.
It means finding work-arounds by strengthening your individual gifts.
This gives us an other perspective and balance in what we do, how we experience ourselves.

The key to excellence is focusing on your strengths. They are totally unique and they make you you.

What are your core strengths?
How can you make them shine even more?

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