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quote1Loser thoughts (Part 2)

Being open is vital for learning. Old habits sometimes constipate our brain and make helpful changes difficult.

The biggest loser thought ever we already discussed in part one: This is too easy for me. I know that already.
– In other words: “Don’t waste my time, I am already much much more advanced.”

STOP! Really, are you so tremendously advanced?
Thomas Huxley said: “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”

Loser thought #2: “This does not work for me.”
Even if a student does not say this to me, I can sense it. I can detect this kind of thought. I can see it, I can smell it, I can taste it.
Why? It makes the body tight and an uninspired face.
No psychic gifts necessary on my part ;o)

How can we change loser thoughts? We catch them and change them into a question.
Ask yourself: “How can this work for me?” or “How can I take this movement/technique/idea and apply it MY way?”
This trains your brain to work creatively and relaxes body and soul.

When you ask yourself: “How can this work for me?” – this is an invitation to explore and conquer completely new territory.
This makes learning fun, effective and easy.

In your world YOU are the reference point for anything.
Own that. Do things your way. Try and test and tweak and find your unique resolutions.

I’m sure, you did that already! :o)

Where in your life did you apply something in your own individual way successfully?
How did it feel to make things completely your way?

Much love,


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