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Lose Boring

googleLoser Thoughts (Part 1)

Learning is great!
But sometimes it sucks.
Sometimes it’s quite hard to push through old habits or to stay focused. It’s so easy to get distracted and not follow through what you wanted to achieve.

This will help: free yourself from loser thoughts. We all have them from time to time.

The trick is to catch them and turn them around into a question. When you do that nobody can ever stop you.

Loser thought #1: “I know this already!” (or: “This is too easy!”)

I really love it when my little students come up with this! Sometimes they play the bassoon for ALREADY three months and tell me: “Anselma, that’s soo easy. Too easy for me!”
– Be careful baby, now you will learn something uber important for your life: THIS is a loser statement.
Why? Because it closes your mind. And only losers close their mind. And that’s not who you are, darling! ;o)

When you think, I know this already, your mind goes into sleeping mode. Your system goes on autopilot and fades from being present into being boring. Your attention is decreasing massively and you run on default.
How boring is that?!

Instead ask yourself: “How can I make this the most interesting piece of music EVER?”
You could play the most beautiful sound, phrasing, intonation, the most precise rhythm. You could be more expressive than Maria Callas.

Or you could make a funky dance while you play or scratch your nose with one hand while playing with the other.
You can do all that together! There is always another level of mastery to reach.

There is ALWAYS something to learn. Always, always, always.
And for learning we need to have an open mind. An open mind creates an interesting experience, because we experience much more, we see more, we are more alive, we process deeper what comes our way.

Life is just boring for closed minded folks. Not for us ;o)
No “too easy piece” on earth! Not a single one, baby!

Much love,


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