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“I could not practice because I did not have time.”

take-timeOh boy, how often did your hear that? When you are like me you heard it about a million times and – uh… you also said it yourself here and there (and some more heres and theres) as well.

The truth is – and we all know it
if you want to do something you will make time,
if you do not want to do something you will make an excuse.

So start making one step back. What is your music making all about?
Why do you play the bassoon, tuning fork or washboard? Why did you first start it? What was your initial motivation?

Playing “Für Elise”? (This was actually my motivation :o) As a child I was obsessed with this tune!) Or did you aspire to be part of a band or orchestra? Did you want to show off a bit and impress the girl you had a crush on (at that time when we all had these silly hairstyles, were wearing cheap lipsticks and plastic neon-shirts)? Or was it your mother’s wish that you should be better in music than Chopin?

Know your why, everything starts with your why. Get clear about it.
Or let your not practicing student get clear about it. Catch up with what is your/what is their why now. Did it change by the time or is it still the same?

Yes, I can play “Für Elise” by now. For I am still around in the music universe, I obviously had some other musical carrots in front of my nose in the meantime.
And I loved them as much as I loved “Für Elise”.

My love for music keeps me going. So, some things changed – but not really many ;o)

How about you? What do you have time for? What makes your soul happy?

Much love,


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