The Bassoon Adventure 1 Fagott Schule Anselma VeitThe Bassoon Adventure 1 Fagott Schule Anselma Veit

AM 201 The Bassoon Adventure ­Book 1

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Method for Bassoon Book 1
by Anselma Veit

The very different way of learning the bassoon!

  • step by step, slowly progressing
  • with Duets and rhythm exercises
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


When I started teaching music more than 2 decades ago I discovered that learning many fingerings, reading pitch, keeping the beat and playing the correct rhythm usually is overwhelming and can make even totally motivated students frustrated sometimes.

This experience led me to an unusual idea: what if I create a bassoon method that starts with rhythm and keeping a steady meter? Rhythm is the main pillar of making music together – and that is always our goal.

I started with some sketches and found out, that my students loved my reading rhythm exercises and this kind of approach at the beginning. This turned out to be an extremely effective and valuable way of learning music making.

To give the rhythm learning enough room, this Book 1 is kept in C major. We build the bassoon playing house very thoroughly and keep first things first: rhythm, rhythm, rythm and rhythm ;o)
Have a wonderful fun and easy start!



Anselma Veit
The Bassoon Adventure, Book 1 – 24.90 €
Catalogue No. AM 201
ISBN 978-3-9502800-3-6
ISMN 979-0-700303-03-7

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