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AM 114 Speedy Thumb

19,90  inkl. MwSt./VAT incl.

32 effective study pieces for the left thumb – flick key, c# and low bass register training

  • beautiful etudes, fun to play, nice titles for expressive bassoon playing
  • for proper technique and clean thumb key use
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Wild thumb that profoundly dislikes organized key operation?
If your students or yourself struggle with managing 9 keys with one single left thumb – here is your first aid and super support kit:

32 highly effective and fun studies – tailor made for a clean and neat bassoon playing for slightly advanced level focusing on
– flick keys,
– c# key and
– the very low register.

Creative titles evoke expression and make these studies a piece of art.
Fun and fancy illustrated by Fritz Kotrba.


Habanera in Green

Crocodiles of Orinoko

Nightowl Boogie



Anselma Veit
Speedy Thumb – 19.90 €
Catalogue No. AM 114
ISBN 978-3-902771-97-1
ISMN 979-0-700384-06-7

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