Neue Fagottinoschule Band 2Neue Fagottinoschule Band 2

AM 104 Anselma’s New Fagottino Method II

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Anselmas Neue Fagottinoschule II
von Anselma Veit

  • for fagottino in G and in F or for very young beginners on the basson (in case they have long fingers! ;o)
  • new and extended edition
  • very slowly progressing, very easy pieces and duets
  • big notes, easy to read
  • Pitch range: F-g plus bb, f#, eb, c#,ab
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Repetition is the mother of learning! We train, repeat and refined what we learned in Anselma’s New Fagottino Method I, which is

  • precise movements of the fingers,
  • corrdination of tongue and fingers,
  • correct and healthy breathing techique,
  • stable music reading and sight reading skills.

We bring them to the next level in book II. Little “Roundtrips”, small tests for the kids in between the lessons, help to measure their progress. It brings so much joy to experience how much they already mastered and this builds true self worth and self confidence. Both are so important in music making!

In addition many new notes are inroduced in Anselma’s New Fagottino Method II and more skills are honed in with flats and sharps.

Fun and effective tudor book for young bassoonists that brings motivation and sound basics. For a beautiful and fulfilling music making!


Quick Tune by Anselma Veit

The Wildhog by Anselma Veit

Little Bug by Anselma Veit


Anselma Veit
Anselma’s New Fagottino Method, Book 2 – 23,90 €
Catalogue No. AM 104
ISBN 978-3-903157-04-0
ISMN 979-0-700384-11-1