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AM 103 Anselma’s New Fagottino Method I

23,90  inkl. MwSt./VAT incl.

Anselma’s New Fagottino Method, Book I
by Anselma Veit

  • for fagottino in G and in F or for very young beginners on the basson (in case they have long fingers! ;o)
  • new edition of our successful method “The Little Bassoon Adventure”
  • slowly progressing, very easy pieces and many beautiful duets
  • big notes, easy to read
  • Pitch range: F-g plus bb and f#
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Anselma’s New Fagottino Method is a joy for the teacher and parent and an adventure for the little student. The notes are big and easy to read and the pieces short. This makes learning effective and stimulates little brains in the right way.

Heaps of beautiful duets train the ears and help to develop early on a sense for intonation, correct pitch and a nice sound.

In between the lecture are little “Roundtrips“. These are small tests, that are easy to manage for the young bassoonist. Nothing motivates more than experiencing our own progress! These little tests make sure we recognize them.

As in all AnselmaMusic Editions for Children, many beautiful illustrations and fun and creative titles invite to an expressive way of music making early on.

Beautiful book that guarantees quick progress and solid foundations. Wonderful to work with!


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Anselma Veit
Anselma’s New Fagottino Method, Book 1 – 23.90 €
Catalogue No. AM 103
ISBN 978-3-903157-03-3
ISMN 979-0-700384-10-4