PIANISTICO! – Book I – Piano Method For Children

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Super fun and effective 
piano playing with kids

The very different piano method for children
by Hiroyo Masumura and Anselma Veit

Book in landscape format – perfect for childrens’ eyes
spiral bound for easy handling

  • step by step, easy introduction to piano playing and musical notation
  • beautiful and motivating pieces for 1, 2, 3 and 4 hands
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Teaching piano has never been easier!

Hiroyo Masumura, winner of prestigious international piano competitions and scholarships, developed this fresh and effective new piano method for children. These fun piano books don’t leave any creative and methodical wishes unfulfilled.

This series is co-authored by real-life and children-approved composer Anselma Veit. She knows very well, how to make music-making and practicing tasty and attractive to little ones. She also knows how many (fun!) repetitions it takes until something sinks in and actually happens to be learned.


The – PIANISTICO! Piano Method – series guarantees a joyful and effective learning experience as well as fun piano playing for both, the child and the teacher.
It also supports parents, because there is nothing nicer than a happy child that enjoys learning.

From the very first pieces on, the foundation for a great piano technique is laid out.
The lessons are progressing slowly, which enables a stable and long-lasting learning experience.
We make sure the musical notation gets to be well understood from an early age on.


The – PIANISTICO! Piano Method – offers many different approaches. In this way, the path into every child’s heart will be found and the right key will be provided to ignite their passion for music.


This method
– introduces musical notation slowly and carefully,
– provides little songs with text to understand rhythm through language,
– offers drumming exercises to feel the musical meter in the body,
– helps small children to differentiate pitch notation with the “Finger Sprinter” exercises, that are found throughout book 1.
Further at the end of each lesson are
– one improvisation exercise and
– little challenges that are made to stimulate ambition in children in a very organic, natural way.


The bass clef is introduced first with the note f – not with c1 as in traditional methods.
In this way, the uncomfortable position with two thumbs on the c1 key can be avoided for the most part.

A great foundation for playing with both hands is laid out by fun and easy melodies from the very beginning on. All fingers get to be trained and prepared for a natural and good piano technique.


In addition to the music, the book is illustrated with fun artwork that never distracts from the subject to be learned: the music itself.
The images are motivating and supportive on the piano learning journey.


BOOK 1: reading & playing treble and bass clef

BOOK 2: reading & playing treble and bass clef + dynamic

BOOK 3: reading & playing treble and bass clef + dynamic + artikulation


Audio samples for 3 or 4 hands (with accompaniment of the teacher):

Witches’ Soup by Hiroyo Masumura

Journey To The Moon by Anselma Veit

Cheeky Monkey by Hiroyo Masumura

Showtime by Anselma Veit

Two Chicken by Hiroyo Masumura


Hiroyo Masumura & Anselma Veit
Pianistico! Book 1
Piano Method for Children – 21.90 €
54 pages, spiral bound
Catalogue No. AM 921
ISBN 978-3-902771-91-9
ISMN 979-0-700384-01-2

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