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How To Be Someone Remarkable

life is a storyIn our life we see people come and go.
Students start learning with us and some day, they leave.
Children come into families, some day, they do their own thing.
We have jobs and start fresh and some day we change the position or we retire.

Coming and going.
What is the essence of this?


Society tells us that life is about having success.

Today, success often is measured by money. Or by good scores.
Measured by being “the best” (whatever that may be), the most brilliant, most famous, most talked about. By being the bestselling, having the best look, being the best cook or the best crook.

What is the be all and end all of so many superlatives?
More and more and more.
More stuff, more reputation, more money, more whatever.


I found out that MORE is exactly what life is NOT about.

Life is not about the more.
In fact, life is about the less.

So the question is not, if you are the best, the greatest, the hottest, the ultimate super hyper whatever.
The question is: Are you helpful?


And most important:
Will people miss you when you are gone?
Would the world be LESS without you?

When you think of the LESS, all the more, bigger, faster and fatter stops.
It gets real quiet inside you.

It is about the essence.
The essence of being a genuine human being that cares about others.


What would be missing without you?
When all the noise stops, what wants to be heard inside you?

Much love,


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