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Colombe Arnulf-Kempcke

Education: academic studies of music and in the good wine of Burgundy

Passion: conducting big symphony orchestras | astrology | balkan dances

Always searching for: new sounds | peace in the world

long & boring version:

Colombe Arnulf-Kempcke studied flute and piano, majoring also in composition, classical harmony and orchestration (with Guillaume Connesson) at CRR Aubervilliers and other places throughout France.
At the moment, she is flute teacher in Versailles and teaching at project DEMOS (Philharmonie de Paris). Colombe is giving particular lessons as piano teacher for little, little bigger and not so little students.
In the last few years she has conducted different orchestras in France with her own pieces (yesssss!!) and others such as Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Arturo Marquez’ Danzon n°2. Which makes her very proud!
In addition, she is learning to perfect in conducting with Julien Leroy.