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What this is all about

Everybody has a treasure inside. We can not see this treasure and so we sometimes forget that it is even there. But regardless if we notice it or not, this treasure is our very nature, our essence.

Carl Gustav Jung said the only relevant task in life is to create a relationship with the own inner Self.
And this makes sense to me. Musicians know this truth more than anybody else.

Music that has the capacity to touch others has to be done with the Self.
If music does not come from this inner Self, it is empty and meaningless to others.

What does it mean to create a relationship with the inner Self?
We can lose other people, friends, parents, children, our partner. Money and stuff can get lost. Houses can break down in earthquakes and a piece of land can be taken by others.

So what stays?
The Self is what stays when everything else is gone.
It is the only possession we have. It contains our abilities, everything we learned by ourselves and the wisdom we created from what we experienced.
Nobody can take these things from us, they are our true belongings.

True life experience can – like music – only be made with the inner Self. Preaching other peoples’ wisdom can be done without participation of the inner Self. In the same way that an instrument can be played without heartfelt emotion.

The question is, does this ring true to the treasure that is inside you and other people?
Does it make people shine?

This inner thing inside you is what this is all about.
Isn’t it?


Happy Holidays and a beautiful start for 2018!

Much love,


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