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The Wild Ride To …?

Sometimes teaching for me feels like sitting in a taxi.

I am on a journey, I am on the road.
Something out there is moving.
Or am I moving?
Or are we not moving and stuck in a traffic jam?
Red lights?
Constructions everywhere?

What do I do on the journey?
Do I enjoy the ride? Nice chat with a friend?
Or am I grumpy and impatient?
Do I feel like, OMG this journey is never gonna end!?
Always the same old road…

The thing is, at the end of the day, as teachers, we never really know where this journey will take us.
Disney Land? Carnegie Hall? The Moon?

This journey can be refreshing or dead boring.
Usually we are very focused on the goal but most times, the goal is not fixed.


I wish you the very best journey.
Here are some suggestions you could do to improve the ride:

– When it gets boring, you can sing.
– You can count the red cars (or the impatient thoughts in your head).
– Or you can clap your hands and invent a fancy rhythm (triplets in one hand against septoles in the other).
– Or you can hold your breath for 50 seconds.
– You could also twist your ankles or poke a whole in your knee.


Take charge that your journey is fun – and it will be.
It looks like, it is not about where you go, but that the way there (wherever!) is great.
That the ride is fun and fulfilling.

You will be surprised how fast you will arrive at some destination
– like Disney World, at Sir Carnegie or on the Moon ;o)


Much love,


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