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Christoph-Mario Veit

Education: he studied music at his own risk

Passions: kicking and punching all kinds of wood | noodling fast pieces of music | bringing enthusiasm to friends and strangers | listening to thrillers whilst the circular saw is running | japanese woodworking tools

Always searching for: fresh carotts | the sharpest knife of all times | the T-shirt lying on top in the closet

long & boring version:

The bassoonist Christoph-Marion Veit is a successful reedmaker and provides great mouthpieces for little students as well as for pros in philharmonic orchestras. His company BestReeds was founded in 2008 and today he ships his nice little boxes with all handcrafted reeds in more than 30 countries.

Christoph-Mario Veit studied bassoon in Munich and Salzburg and worked as an orchestra player for many years. He played in the Bayerische Staatsoper München, in the Rheinische Philharmonie Koblenz and in the Philharmonisches Orchester Augsburg. He received grants from Villa Musica and the Michael Roever Stiftung (Germany).

Christoph-Mario Veit has a bassoon-class for kids in the Vienna State Music School. He loves teaching and his students love bassooning. In his studio all the Anselma Music books were subjected to the hard real-life endurance test by his students. He is the COO of Anselma Music and the allround talent in trouble-shooting for the business.